Who does Apptopia compete with for SDK recognition and sales intelligence?

Apptopia is the only provider that combines real-time SDK recognition (install and uninstall dates), SDK usage analysis, and publisher contact details with app performance data and discovery tools, like the report builder. These features and data are used by sales teams to discover new qualified leads first and inform outreach strategies.

Here are some of the main differentiators between Apptopia and alternative vendors for mobile service providers looking for lead generation and prospecting tools:

MixRank MixRank is able to recognize SDK and web technologies and offers publisher contact details, but they lack app performance data, SDK usage analysis, and lead qualification tools that sales teams need to streamline processes and stay ahead of the competition.

Mighty Signal Mighty Signal is relatively new to the mobile space and, while they have SDK recognition technology on par with other providers, they lack the publisher contact details to make it actionable. They also don’t have app performance data and lead qualification tools.

Datanyze Similar to MixRank, Datanyze can recognize SDK and web technologies and provides publisher contact details. However, they lack app performance data, lead qualification tools, and SDK usage analysis that sales teams need to discover and qualify leads.

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