Apptopia vs Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower offers basic performance estimates and competitor tracking but fails to deliver the breadth of data you need to be successful. Apptopia has advanced technical solutions, custom analysis, and granular app performance data not available anywhere else.

Here are some of the key differentiators between Apptopia and Sensor Tower:

1. Derived from machine learning models from more than 225,000 connected apps, Apptopia has more comprehensive, accurate data sets. Sensor Tower does not have:

Apptopia offers built-in business intelligence and discovery tools not available with Sensor Tower, including:
3. Apptopia is an affordable, customer-centric platform. Sensor Tower has limited or restricted access to:

  • Powerful, customizable API
  • Clear pricing plans designed for publishers and developers of all sizes that offer significant data and value at every tier level.
Learn more about the differences between Apptopia and Sensor Tower here:

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