Apptopia vs MixRank

MixRank offers SDK recognition and publisher contact details but fails to deliver the app performance data you need to be successful. Alongside SDK data, Apptopia has granular app estimates, custom reporting, and discovery tools not available anywhere else.

Here are some of the key differentiators between Apptopia and MixRank:

1. When paired with SDK recognition, app performance data becomes a powerful lead discovery and qualification tool. MixRank does not have:

2. Apptopia offers built-in business intelligence and discovery tools not available with MixRank, including: 3. Only available with Apptopia, SDK usage analysis offers granular insight into API call data so you can see:

  • SDKs connected via API only
  • SDK features being used (or not used)
Learn more about the differences between Apptopia and MixRank here:

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