How does upgrading and downgrading my plan work?

You can switch between plans at any time from the Subscription Section of your account. 

Upgrading Your Plan

When upgrading, new features and functionality will become available immediately after payment. It is also important to know that when upgrading we will discount your upgrade amount by a prorated amount based on your previous plan.  Based on your subscription type you will either be able to do this directly on site or through our customer success team.

For example:
  • 7/1/2016 - Subscribe to $899 / mo plan
  • 7/15/2016 - Subscribe to $1499 / mo plan
  • The amount due on 7/15 will be = $600

Downgrading Your Plan

When downgrading, your subscription will automatically downgrade at the next eligible billing date, which is determined by your plan's minimum commitment length. 

This means:
  • Your premium access will remain active until the next billing date.
  • On the next billing date your card will either not be charged at all or charged the new (reduced) amount.
Please Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the data and product all sales are final. No credits will be provided when downgrading or canceling a subscription.

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