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  1. Apptopia vs Datanyze

  2. Apptopia vs Mighty Signal

  3. Apptopia vs MixRank

  4. Apptopia vs Mobile Action

  5. Apptopia vs Priori Data

  6. Apptopia vs Sensor Tower

  7. Apptopia vs SimilarWeb

  8. Apptopia vs Think Gaming

  9. Biggest Movers Report

  10. Breakout Predictor Report

  11. Data Usage Policy

  12. Do I need training or a tool like Tableau to use Apptopia?

  13. Does Apptopia have a blog?

  14. Does Apptopia provide an API?

  15. Does Apptopia provide insight on my data or my competitors?

  16. How accurate are Apptopia's estimations?

  17. How can you get the most out of our reports?

  18. How do you calculate your downloads and revenue estimates?

  19. How do you get this data?

  20. How does upgrading and downgrading my plan work?

  21. How much can I save by paying annually?

  22. How much do paid subscriptions cost?

  23. How much does your SDK data cost?

  24. How often does your SDK data update?

  25. How often is the data updated?

  26. Is there a minimum contract length?

  27. Pricing Policy

  28. Privacy Policy

  29. Terms of Service

  30. Top New Apps Report

  31. What countries do you provide data on?

  32. What data does your SDK Analysis provide?

  33. What do you get for free?

  34. What is an SDK?

  35. What is the Report Builder?

  36. What payment methods are available to me?

  37. What publisher contact details are available?

  38. Where can I update or change my payment information?

  39. Where does Apptopia get its data from?

  40. Where is the Apptopia Marketplace?

  41. Who does Apptopia compete with for market intelligence (app download, revenue, and usage data)?

  42. Who does Apptopia compete with for SDK recognition and sales intelligence?

  43. Who uses Apptopia?

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